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If you've purchased the book "U.S. of A. v U.S., The Loss of Legal Memory of the American State," take a look inside the front cover. There you'll find a stick with a "book id" number, a lengthy set of numbers and letters. This is your key to becoming a member of the U.S. of A. v U.S. forums.

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U.S. of A. v U.S. Education
Now that you've read "U.S. of A. v U.S., The Loss of Legal Memory of the American State," it's time to put your knowledge to the test. There are two tests: the first is a preliminary quiz containing 20 questions; the second is the "final," so to speak, containing 50 questions. Both tests are "open book." A passing grade on the preliminary quiz is 80% or better; a passing grade on the Citizenship Knowledge Test is 90% or better. We use the "honor system" here -- if you "cheat" by continuing on without taking the tests or without really knowing the material, you're not only cheating yourself, but it could have disasterous effects in the future, so study hard, proceed at your own pace and don't rush through it.

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We have lots of good reading material available to help stimulate your brain. You'll find some essential documents and perhaps even a few surprises in our downloads directory.

If you have any questions about the material discussed in "U.S. of A. v U.S., The Loss of Legal Memory of the American State" or about any of the documents found in the Downloads area, try posting a message in the Forums area first. There are lots of knowledgable folks there (including the authors of the book) who can answer your questions.

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