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From the back cover:

The People of this once great republic have through ignorance and deception traded their sacred God-given rights away by silent assent, waiver, agreement or contract. The legal concepts of political relations, conditions precedent and contract law are exposed in relation to Executive, Legislative as well as Supreme Court usurpations. The authors of this groundbreaking book expose down to the very core, the political exigencies, the legal meandering as well as the outright corruption of our political and legal systems as they have been used to create a legislative democracy where a Republic once stood.

Contrary to the beliefs of many in the patriot community, the real blame for this current situation rests with the People, and consequently; the solution also rests with the People individually. Contained within the covers of this book is a treatise on the political and legal history of deceit, Constitutional reinterpretation and utter socialism that has been silently assented to by the people. The authors also plainly describe to the reader the simple yet elegant solution to reclaiming one's lost rights through the reassertion of one's status as a Citizen of one of the Several States of the Union and by severing legal relations with the United States which is revealed in this book as a federal corporation.

Whatever your political affiliation or philosophical proclivities, this book is intended to provide a foundational basis for a new understanding of the reader's political and legal relations with the "Government of the United States". These relations have a very profound effect on one's rights, claims to property, and every aspect of one's day to day life, even if those relations are politically and legally established through silent assent, waiver, contracts or agreements the reader is completely unaware of.

The State Constitutions, as well as the Constitution for the United States of America (1789) have been allowed to be removed from the "legal memory" of the people as those very same people have become United States citizens, devoid of the rights, privileges and immunities referenced in the Bill of Rights and in place been granted civil rights. Most Americans alive today are proud to be referred to as United States citizens. If those same Americans were aware of what the courts had to say about the rights of United States Citizens, they might reconsider their thinking on the matter. Here is what one Court had to say:

"The only absolute and unqualified right of a United States citizen is to residence within the territorial boundaries of the United States," US vs. Valentine 288 F. Supp. 957

What else might you need to know about the difference between the United States of America and the United States? What you don't know can cost you your life, liberty and property. If one reads this book, the authors believe, that every citizen, whether of the United States or one of the Several States of the Union, will have the understanding to make a conscious decision on whether legal relations with the United States is an appropriate choice.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: In the Beginning: The Sovereign People
Chapter 2: Some Historical Perspective: Wilson to Roosevelt's New Deal
Chapter 3: Switch in Time and the War in the Supreme Court. What a Difference a Year Makes!
Chapter 4: Switch in Time and the War in the Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court Defines Controversies Under the Constitution
Chapter 5: Switch in Time and the War in the Supreme Court. Re: "Controversies", A Legislatively Created Procedure
Chapter 6: Switch in Time and the War in the Supreme Court. The Court's new interpretation of Due Process
Chapter 7: Switch in Time and the War in the Supreme Court. The Changed Constitutional Interpretation of "Commerce" in 1937
Chapter 8: The Sovereign People as Citizens and Their Old Union
Chapter 9: Federal Citizenship Defined for "All Persons"
Chapter 10: The United States, a Federal Corporation and Dual Citizenship
Chapter 11: Dual Citizenship and Political Question
Chapter 12: Some Thoughts on Agreements and Contracts in Relation to the U.S. Community
Chapter 13: American Citizens in Relation to "Foreign States"
Chapter 14: In Conclusion
    The Social Security Act of 1935
    Ashwander, et. al. v Tennessee Valley Authority, et. al.
    Aetna Life Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn. V Haworth, et. al.
    West Coast Hotel Co. v Parrish et. ux.
    Nat'l Labor Relations Board v Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.
    Chas. C Steward Mach Co. v Davis
    Helvering, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, et. al. v Davis

About the Authors

The authors, Richard Kegley, TJ Henderson and Ed Wahler are uniquely qualified to present this material.

Richard received a B.S. in Business Administration from Walla Walla College in 1968, an M.S. in Business Administration from University of Idaho in 1970, and a Masters Degree in Economics from Washington State in 1974. He spent 8 years teaching college level economics and business courses. The last nine years have been spent in voluminous reading in economics, law, case law and limited private writing and teaching.

TJ received his education in law from the school of self study and long hours studying every law book he could lay his hands on. TJ has had numerous wins in the courts in various areas of law, as well as a few rare losses. He claims that each and every case he has handled was an inspiration that drove him to study the law to the fullest extent. TJ won his very first argument arguing the right to non-bar counsel in Judge Ron Rainer's court in Stevenson, Washington. He is currently teaching and counseling attorneys nation wide in the area of consumer protection law. TJ also writes and teaches Constitutional law in its purest form. TJ has written several books discussing those areas of law, such as "You're an Outlaw", "Secrets of the Lending Institutions Revealed" and "Mortgage Audit Analyses and Defenses" (MAAD).

Ed founded his own company in 1984, which he ran as President and CEO until 1998. The last eight years have been spent full-time researching law and law history, alternative energy and alternative approaches to maintaining one's health. His association with Richard and TJ has culminated in the book U.S. of A. v U.S., The Loss of Legal Memory of the American State. He has put the principle in this book into practice over the year with amazing results in regaining lost freedoms.

The authors pray that this book will be accepted as our small contribution to the memory of the founding fathers and their gift to us, their posterity, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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